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Offers in Compromise:

An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is an agreement between a Taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service that settles the Taxpayer’s Tax Liabilities for less than the full amount owed. Absent special circumstances, an offer will not be accepted if the IRS believes that the liability can be paid in full as lump sum or through a payment agreement.


In most cases, the IRS will not accept an OIC unless the amount offered by the Taxpayers is equal to or greater than the reasonable collection potential (RCP). The RCP is how the IRS measures the Taxpayer’s ability to pay and includes the value that can be realized from the Taxpayer’s assets, such as real property, automobiles, bank accounts, and other property. The RCP also includes anticipated future income, less certain amounts allowed for basic living expenses.


Taxpayers should beware of promoters’ claims that tax debts can be settled through the Offer in Compromise program for “pennies on the dollar.”

Audit Representation:


When someone receives that dreaded letter notifying you that your return has been selected for an audit most people fear going to jail. We have represented many clients in both personal and business tax audits.  Even if you do not believe that you have done anything wrong or are unsure of why you are being audited, we don’t recommend that you attempt to represent yourself.


We will provide you the experience and professionalism when dealing with your IRS or State audit.  For a personal audit it is important to understand that usually selected for statistical reasons.  By contacting us we are able to become a buffer between you and the IRS and/or State.  If you have a business audit, it is important to understand your rights. Before you allow them to take computers, records, even enter your place of business.  STOP!!  Understand your rights.


By contacting ATS Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc. we will meet the auditor for you and we will have your case prepared and positioned to give you the protection you deserve.  We know your rights and you have nothing to fear.  If paperwork is missing we will help you put together all the documentary evidence you will need to come out of your tax audit successfully.  Also note, most audits can be conducted as correspondence audits, so that there is no need to appear.  That allows us to handle any case across the nation regardless of you location.


You will not need to appear and we will represent you, prepare your case “water tight” and you can stop worrying about what will happen next.  We will keep the IRS from ever speaking with you.  This will help you avoid saying something that might go against you. We will be your most important advocate.  You can speak in confidence about your case with us.  We are experts in resolving IRS and State audits.  Do not go at it alone.  Call ATS Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc., speak to one of our Tax Angels to better understand your rights.